About Bill

About Bill

About BillMy name is Bill. I love the USA and what it stands for. I served in the Intelligence Community for 32 years, and was a volunteer paramedic for 20 years. I retired more years ago than I want to admit, and have been thinking about starting this historical blog for quite a while. Unfortunately, my computer expertise is limited so it is a chore and will always be an imperfect “project in work.” 

It is imperative that intelligence analysts know history. By knowing the past they are better equipped to understand the present and to predict the future.

I have been an amateur historian most of my life. I grew up in South Missouri and enjoyed listening to seniors talk about their lives and what it was like to live in their “old days.”  Their stories were so interesting that I began to research local and state history to learn more about the past. This also led me to start doing family research, which became a lifetime hobby.

I hope my readers will enjoy the posts as much as I enjoy doing the research and writing. My main hope is that we will all learn something new  that will help humanize the subjects. These were special, brave and unique people that deserve to be better known. 

Thanks for visiting our blog. I hope you like it, will become a repeat visitor, and will tell others about it.

Bill Walker